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Friday, Jan 19, 2018
by Humanitarian Institute

Social Action

We live in a rapidly changing world. And re-producing more of the same knowledge, skills and views will not suffice to address the challenges we face now, and into the future.

In our short-term focused society ‘change’ - whether that’s individual or social – can be perceived to be straightforward and uncomplicated. As such, we devalue the need for the refined skills to create a better, more equitable future.

"As of 2016, 402 conflicts were ongoing, compared to 278 in 2006."

If ‘change’ was easy we would have solved many of the world’s challenges long ago.

Change 1

Yet here we are. Global problems intensify. It feels overwhelming. You feel helpless.

“What can I do?”

"More than 145 million people across the world need humanitarian assistance and protection."

Moving towards a more equitable and connected society is held back in many ways. We lack a framework which supports change. We prioritise profit over purpose. Our current socio-economic system keeps us locked in to an economy for the wealth of the privileged few. We have limited cultural and political leadership. 

These factors, as well as how the media encourages us to see ‘challenges’ in relation to our own lives, creates pervasive inaction and apathy in our society – not ignorance or indifference.

If we are to change society we must challenge the status quo and those in power with bold action, powerful deeds and the courage to reclaim power.

To do that, we need to share. For creating change is not easy. Empowered and skilled people are essential for building and sustaining impact. But we need to be willing to do things differently. Which means developing the skills required to facilitate impact, build collaborative partnerships, create innovative solutions, and achieve systems change. 

In short, the world is constantly changing. It always will be. However, recognizing the nature of these changes is key to examining the current context in which we live, and the changes needed in our future. It is now central that we align aspirations with action.

"In 2016 32,324 humanitarian jobs were advertised on ReliefWeb alone."

Every solution starts small.

Be a better changemaker

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