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Alumni Network Launch

Monday, Sep 04, 2017
by Humanitarian Institute

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SYDNEY, NSW (June, 14 2017) – Humanitarian Institute has announced the formation of its Alumni Network. The network will provide opportunities for collaboration, as well as events, advice and connections to enable Humanitarian Institute Alum to further their understanding of cutting-edge humanitarian approaches, and how to utilise this information to build successful international careers.

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Committed to tackling global challenges through mobilising and preparing talented people, Humanitarian Institute advocates for the development of a network of innovative humanitarians around the world that will help achieve maximum impact.

“It’s a truly exciting day for us here at Humanitarian Institute to launch our Alumni Network,” said Cory Steinhauer, CEO and founder, Humanitarian Institute. “We believe strongly that in order to positively impact the lives of billions, we need to mobilise a community of individuals committed to working on the toughest challenges. This Alumni network will do just that.”

In addition to launching the Alumni network, Humanitarian Institute is to launch its Internship program. The program is designed to provide skills, experience and exposure to the humanitarian sector. Interns become an point of connection and inspiration for others, a catalyst to accelerate change, and the program offers an opportunity to accelerate their careers.

About Humanitarian Institute

Headquartered in Sydney, Humanitarian Institute's mission is to educate, inspire and empower humanitarian leaders to develop professional careers and apply best practice techniques to address humanity's grandest challenges.

Humanitarian Institute provides educational programs, partnerships and career coaching to foster the growth of the global humanitarian ecosystem. Humanitarian Institute has an engaged alumni network committed to creating sustainable global impact.

For more information, visit www.humanitarian.one; join us on Facebook and Twitter (@HumInst).

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