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AI & Inequality - Implications for the Social Sector

Tuesday, Feb 06, 2018
by Humanitarian Institute

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Special Learning Event

Sydney NSW, September 5th, 2018

Workshop overview

Our world is being transformed by two big forces: the technological revolution and the rise in inequality.

Are they linked? There’s good reason to believe they are.

Technological advances are already profoundly impacting the way we live and work. The hype of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enthralling the public. Evoking hopes of productivity and fears of inequality - arguably the most common concern raised about emerging tech.

Without a knowledgeable and mobilised social sector, technology and the rising demand for high skilled labour will leave many people behind.

Are you and your organisation prepared to respond?

This workshop expands your insights and skills in understanding the trends, implications and opportunities of emerging technology’s impact on inequality.

Be a part of something VERY special that empowers cross discipline leaders to collaborate and strategically respond to the opportunities and challenges of tech for society.

Limited tickets available. Register today.

*Content is applicable for domestic and international contexts.

*Downloadable PDF available here.

What’s involved

This is your opportunity to participate in an intense, interactive learning experience that will cover:

  • Defining and categorizing emerging technologies

  • Recent trends and the pace of change

  • Implications for society: Domestic and international

  • Implications for the social sector

    • Inequality

    • Employment polarisation

    • Income distribution: Underemployment and unemployment

    • Skill acquisition

  • Sector responses:

    • Organizational preparedness - effectively managing the transition

    • Strategy and programming - leverage emerging tech for social good

    • Education & training

    • Universal Basic Income

    • Advocacy and policy

Who it’s for

Leaders and employees of NGOs, corporations, Governments, social enterprises, start-ups, and others interested in the implications of tech on society. You may be an:

  • Individual

  • Grassroots organisation

  • Non Government Organisation

  • Private sector organisation

  • Public sector agency

Fundamentally, this workshop is for those lured by the challenges associated with the growth of emerging technologies and how we can effectively respond and prepare for a more equitable future.

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Learning objectives

  1. Understand the trends and implications of emerging technologies on the social sector

  2. Distinguish how technology will impact beneficiaries and programs

  3. Identify proactive responses that can be integrated into current organisational strategic and programming initiatives

  4. Explain the relevance of emerging technologies to social challenges

  5. Identify your own role in responding positively to technological advances


Experienced and leading Tech and Development specialists:

  1. Nik Dawson (BA (Ec.), PHDc), Bits & Atoms and University of Technology Sydney, provides detailed insights into emergent technology policy & safety. Nik’s on-going research examines how public policy can be effectively designed, implemented, and monitored with regards to safety-critical AI.

  2. Cory Steinhauer (BCom, MSSc), Humanitarian Institute and University of Sydney, contributes his social development expertise and prepares participants for programming and organisational realities. Over the years Cory has advised the United Nations, Governments, the private, and social sectors in Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, Korea, Laos, New Zealand, Mexico, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Timor, Turkey and Vietnam.

How it works

  • Time commitment of 8 hours.

  • Registration is from 8:45am for a 9:15am start and finishing by 5:00pm.

  • The day is split into four sessions, separated by breaks (catering provided).

  • You'll be encouraged to actively participate in networking, discussions and experiential learning.

  • The facilitators utilise practical and theoretical knowledge to ensure the workshop is applicable to the realities of tech’s impact on lower socioeconomic communities.

  • Simulations are used to challenge learners to implement and discuss workshop teachings.

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How it’s facilitated

The workshop uses several engaging methodologies including:

  • Lectures

  • Group discussions

  • Team exercises

  • Individual / group learning activities

  • Desktop simulations

What makes this different

  • This workshop is the first of its kind. It provides you with the knowledge and skills to understand how technology such as AI impacts inequality. And it creates a network of social sector professionals ready to design effective responses. This is the opportunity for ACTIVE engagement on a critical issue impacting our society’s future.

  • We believe that solutions to the challenges posed by technology must be based on new conversations and collaborations between leaders from civil society, government, the private sector and low-income communities.

  • Because the impact of emerging technologies on employment is starting to be felt. Prepare yourself, your organisation and initiatives for an automated future. We focus on conceptualising, building, and testing solutions that break down barriers to participation in the technological revolution by low income communities.

What you’ll receive

  • ‘Certificate of Completion’ to share with your professional network.

  • Workshop materials that capture important insights.

  • A flexible skill set to respond effectively to the effects of technological advancements on low-income communities.

  • A network of like-minded leaders that spans industries, sectors and functions.

Locations & dates

Sydney, Australia Wednesday September 5th, 2018 - CommBank Innovation Lab, Darling Harbour


Melbourne, Australia  TBC

Brisbane, Australia TBC

Auckland, New Zealand TBC

Singapore TBC

Hong Kong, China TBC

Bangkok, Thailand TBC


*Contact us for location requests

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Fee options

  1. Social sector: AUD$195.00 per ticket

  2. Public sector: AUD$295.00 per ticket

  3. Private sector: AUD$295.00 per ticket

  4. Start-up / social entrepreneur: AUD$195.00 per ticket

  5. University student / Humanitarian Institute Alumni: AUD$150.00 per ticket


Group / organisation (4+ people) discounts available (10%).

Once registration is complete an invoice will be issued.

Payment is required prior to workshop commencement (online and EFT options available).

How to enrol

  1. Complete the application form.

  2. The team will review and confirm registration details.

  3. Upon successful admission, you will receive a Confirmation Email and Workshop Invoice. 

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Sponsorship options

By partnering with us, your organisation will open itself to a diverse audience, keen to devour knowledge and learn more about emerging technology, inequality and societal opportunities to respond.

The possibilities are endless in terms of sponsorship opportunities. Outlined below are some available options but we can also tailor packages to suit your organisation.

  • Platinum (only 1 available):

For sponsorship to the value of $5,000+ per workshop, PLATINUM sponsors receive:

  1. Verbal acknowledgment at the event

  2. Six workshop tickets

  3. Logo displayed on workshop promotional material including flyers; invitations; social media platforms, program guide and ‘Certificate of Completion’

  4. Business bio and hyperlink on the workshop web page and social media platforms

  5. Placement of 1 x banner in workshop facility


  • Gold (only 2 available):

For sponsorship to the value of $2,500 - $5,000 per workshop, GOLD sponsors receive:

  1. Verbal acknowledgement at the event

  2. Four workshop tickets

  3. Logo displayed on workshop promotional material including the flyers; invitations; social media platforms and the program guide

  4. Logo and hyperlink to appear on workshop web page


  • Partner (only 3 available):

For sponsorship to the value of $1,500 - $2,500 per workshop, PARTNER sponsors receive:

  1. Verbal acknowledgement at the event

  2. Two workshop tickets

  3. Logo displayed on workshop promotional material including the flyers; invitations; social media platforms and the program guide


Contact us today to discuss your support. 

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