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To be effective, today’s professionals need to master a new set of core capabilities. This includes agile, design thinking, foundational technical knowledge, and a more nuanced set of leadership skills. However, building capabilities can be hard. Knowledge, skills, and behaviours must be aligned with how a role creates value.

We empower organisations to build these capabilities and achieve the impossible. We use a broad range of learning interventions to help individuals and organisations develop foundational knowledge, mindsets, and skills on core social impact and agile topics in order to deliver measurable and sustained results.

Our professional development is a tactical approach to future proofing current human resources and developing talent pipelines in an increasingly talent scarce environment.

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We all face the challenge of developing programs that are evidence based, effective and produce sustainable results.

Indeed, involving ourselves in social change can leave us feeling like Alice down a rabbit hole. There are infinite needs, everything can seem complicated and finding out where we want to go can be difficult.

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Recent programs

We partner with organisations on their most pressing needs, from targeted capability building for digital skills, to supporting end-to-end agile transformations, and building enterprise-wide capabilities at scale. We blend interactive simulations with online courses, on-the-job learning, expert coaching, peer forums, and more.

M&E Workshop

Bringing data to the forefront of decision-making and planning.

Location: Afghanistan

Client: Mission East


Theory of Change Workshop

Design, plan, monitor & evaluate projects that get results & attract donor support.

Location: Australia

Client: Settlement Services International


Emerging Tech Workshop

How to secure talent, technology and access to data to make the most of this opportunity..

Location: Australia

Client: Geoff Morgan


Project Management for Social Impact

Designing for impact: Improving the quality, impact and effectiveness of programming.

Location: Australia

Client: Settlement Services International

Exit Strategy Workshop

Face the challenge of closing projects and withdrawing from countries and partnerships.

Location: Australia

Client: NSW Department of Planning

Public Participation Workshop

Build trusting through advancing community engagement.

Location: AU

Client: Fishburners

Elements of our approach

We draw from a broad range of assets and channels to provide custom learning journeys that deliver sustainable change. Including:

1. Needs and Context Assessments

Individual and organizational capability assessments to identify current state of key capabilities, mapped against mega-trends.

2. Curriculum and Syllabus

Full scope and sequence of all key topics, for both technical and higher level skill development.

3. Learning journeys

Curricular topics and key learning experiences to build desired capabilities for each learner cohort.

4. Technical courses

Short, emerging tech courses focused on priority capability topics.

5. In-person workshops

Interactive, facilitated workshops, with aligned field assignments, to explore new capabilities.

6. Experiential learning

Opportunities for deeper exploration and hands-on experiences, either in person or online, to apply new competencies.

7. Coaching and ToT support

Professional offerings to enable scaling of skill acquisition.

8. Talent pipeline

Tactical approach to solidify future HR needs in a skills depleted environment. Go beyond partnerships.

9. Post-Academy assessments

Focused assessments of soft and hard capabilities to assess Academy impact.

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