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Cory Steinhauer (BCom, MSSc)

Humanitarian Institute and University of Sydney - is a senior social impact expert with 20 years experience facilitating complex programming in Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, Jordan, Korea, Laos, New Zealand, Mexico, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Timor, Turkey and Vietnam. From the United Nations, to governments, the private and social sectors, Cory is at the leading edge of integrating and responding to the challenges and opportunities in our society.

Artificial Intelligence & Inequality

Technological advances are already profoundly impacting the way we live and work. The hype of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enthralling the public. Evoking hopes of productivity and fears of inequality - arguably the most common concern raised about emerging tech.

Without a knowledgeable and mobilised social sector, technology and the rising demand for high skilled labour will leave many people behind.

Client: Commonwealth Bank


The AI Future: A Skills Mismatch

Everywhere you turn, there’s another news story emphasizing the impact artificial intelligence (AI) will have on enterprise. This session expanded client insights and skills in understanding the trends, implications and opportunities of emerging technology’s impact on the employment market - short and long term - particularly the skills mismatch and the scope and scale of reskilling millions.

Client: Prima Careers

Sustainable Business: How To Make a Profit and an Impact

With the growing urgency to preserve our planet, it’s crucial to stay informed on the latest technologies, find innovative ways to make a positive impact on the environment, be mindful of our corporate footprint, and connect with like-minded people to turn ideas into action.

Client: General Assembly

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