Emerging Practitioner: Build your Humanitarian career  Online course

To be effective, individuals and organisations need to master a new set of core capabilities. This includes agile, design thinking, foundational technical knowledge, and a more nuanced set of leadership skills. However, building capabilities can be hard. Knowledge and behaviours must be aligned with how a role creates value.

We empower organisations to build these capabilities and achieve the impossible. We use a broad range of learning interventions to help individuals and organisations develop foundational knowledge, mindsets, and skills on core social impact and agile topics in order to deliver measurable and sustained results.

Our support is a tactical approach to future proofing current human resources and developing talent pipelines in an increasingly talent scarce environment.

Professional Development

Humanitarian Institute is a global leader in performance and strategy-related training. We provide innovative training programs to government agencies, foundations, and NGOs. We tailor the training to meet client needs and pair it with effective adult learning techniques.

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Keynote Speaker

Intense, interactive learning experiences. Cory Steinhauer - Humanitarian Institute and University of Sydney - is a senior social impact expert with 20 years experience facilitating complex programming in Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, Jordan, Korea, Laos, New Zealand, Mexico, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Timor, Turkey and Vietnam.

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Pre-Service Academy

Support for emerging practitioners.

Start your Humanitarian journey on the right path. The Pre-Service Academy serves change agents from a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise. At Humanitarian Institute you'll get the tools, mindset, and network to help you forge your aid work career.

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Special Events

If we want to create a just and sustainable society then we need to embrace new ideas, knowledge, data and behaviours.

Recent events: AI & Inequality; AI vs Human: The War for Talent; Democracy dies in the Darkness; Engagement Analytics

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