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Our engagement services are cutting edge, data driven and embedded in an evidence based approach. Leave old-school engagement behind and move into advanced methods that provide community and stakeholders with real democratic results.

Strategy & Planning

Community engagement is participatory democracy. Done well it advances trust, generates insights that improve projects and enhances staff and customer satisfaction. Done poorly it is tokenistic, is basically a comms campaign, or generates generic information that cannot be applied to decisions. We emphasise client and stakeholder engagement early in the process to understand the core issues, design appropriate responses, and measure impact. 

Recent clients: Northern Beaches Council, IAP2, Chemonics International, PAI, SSI.

Recent projects: Behavioural economics and engagement (Australia); engagement data and analytics (Australia); and transparent governance (Syria).

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Data Analysis

Great engagement actions are one thing. Processing, analysing and learning from the quantitative and qualitative data is quite another. We specialise in advanced analysis and reporting. Providing you with the insights needed to make decisions and to report back to the community, stakeholders and leadership.

Recent clients: Northern Beaches Council, DFID, SVA, US Department of State, NSW Department of Planning

Recent projects: Local Strategic Planning Statements; Transport Strategies; Open Space Strategies; Program Exit Strategies

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We produce accessible, clear and robust reports that provide decision makers with the information they need, and community and stakeholders with feedback that their effort has been considered.

Recent clients: Northern Beaches Council, Chemonics International, UNDP, DFID, US Department of State, NSW Department of Planning

Recent projects: Engagement reporting templates; Local Strategic Planning Statements; Arts & Creativity Strategy.

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Our team has decades of research experience in democracy, social development, emerging technologies, economics, and public policy. We’ve successfully delivered humanitarian crises reports, Artificial Intelligence policy white papers, and socio-political briefings.

Recent clients: Government & UN agencies (ITU, ILO), INGOs, and private international development firms.

Recent projects: Economic impacts of AI; Effects of AI on Economic Inequality; AI & Public Policy; Merged Council Engagement Analysis.

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