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Maximise and direct your skills towards a career tackling global challenges.

“Poverty does not belong in civilised human society. Its proper place is in a museum. That's where it will be.” Muhammad Yunus

What’s involved

  • 20 minute webinar.
  • Understand the breadth of the Humanitarian sector in the 21st century.
  • Explore diverse pathways to engage in Aid work - domestically or internationally, short or long-term.
  • Identify your personal skills, strengths and weaknesses for leveraging social change.
  • Understand how ‘making a difference’ happens; your role in the process and how you can use your current skill sets to ignite change.

Who it’s for

This free tutorial is relevant for recent graduates, those transitioning from another career, and Development practitioners.

Fundamentally, this is for anyone interested in ensuring that development is sustainable, does not have a detrimental effect, and that the expertise and momentum for change is not lost.

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Experienced Development practitioner with vocational training qualifications:

  1. Cory Steinhauer (BCom, MSSc), Humanitarian Institute and University of Sydney, contributes his sector expertise and prepares participants with career strategies and pragmatic realities. Over the years Cory has advised the United Nations, Governments, the private, and social sectors in Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, Korea, Laos, New Zealand, Mexico, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Timor, Turkey and Vietnam.

What makes this tutorial different

The Exit Strategy professional development workshop exists to foster the growth of intervention sustainability. If you attend the program, you’ll have a remarkable opportunity to learn about disengagement and its broader implications; grow into programming thought leaders; and build a strong, diverse community of friends for life who share your commitment to sustainable change.

This workshop addresses questions around the importance of Exit Strategies - sustainability is a key theme evoked throughout. Participants are encouraged to think of an Exit Strategy as a Sustainability Plan, which has inherent benefits irrespective of timing and context.

Exit Strategies are part of good program planning and thus their basic premise (promoting sustainable outcomes) and components should not be foreign. With a bit of practice, over time they can be mainstreamed into all aspects of programming from assessment, planning and design to implementation, monitoring and evaluation. This workshop will encourage and promote that process among practitioners, as well as among external stakeholders and partners.

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How to access

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  3. Simple as that.

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