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Wednesday, Jul 12, 2017
by Humanitarian Institute

HI golbal schools initiative

SYDNEY, NSW (July, 2017): Humanitarian Institute has announced the launch of its Global Humanitarian Schools Program. The initiative raises awareness among young people about careers in International Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation industry and changes the narrative on social change is complex settings.

It's designed as a high-energy, transformative learning experience. Comprised of interactive workshops that challenge commonly held beliefs about International Aid and Development - inspiring students to engage in their communities as global citizens.

HI golbal schools initiative

Humanitarian Institute CEO, Cory Steinhauer says: “Most people are at a huge information disadvantage when exploring a humanitarian career. We are changing that by providing the training and support available to professional Aid Workers to aspiring Humanitarians. We’re leveling the playing field.”

"By providing young people with real choices, real options for purpose driven careers we are setting them up for successful futures as global citizens" Steinhauer said.

The program teaches young people about the technical and soft skills required to be a successful Humanitarian in the 21st century. Through practical and engaging activities students gain a clear understanding of the demands, and opportunities available, in the International Humanitarian industry. Students also develop ‘Action Plans’ that support their transition from study to work.

Request a complete program brief here.

About Humanitarian Institute Headquartered in Sydney, Humanitarian Institute's mission is to educate, inspire and empower humanitarian leaders to develop professional careers and apply best practice techniques to address humanity's grandest challenges. Humanitarian Institute provides educational programs, partnerships and career coaching to foster the growth of the global humanitarian ecosystem. Humanitarian Institute has an engaged alumni network committed to creating sustainable global impact. For more information, visit 

www.humanitarian.one and contact Cory Steinhauer on: [email protected]

When building a successful humanitarian career… opportunities don’t happen, you create them.



Why are our world’s biggest challenges getting worse?

What if…
Talent was mobilised to work on humanity’s greatest threats?
People mastered the skills required to create sustainable change?
You could direct your passion and skills toward positive global development?
What if…
We gave you the skills to meet your humanitarian potential?
We raised your hidden talents and untapped knowledge?
We were deliberate about preparing you for the rigours of development work?
We facilitated your journey into a humanitarian career?
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