Humanitarian Internship Program Announced

Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017
by Humanitarian Institute


SYDNEY, NSW (June 15, 2017): Aspiring humanitarians to benefit from an innovative Internship Program being launched today by Humanitarian Institute.

The Internship Program will provide Alumni and current University students with industry experience and the opportunity to “own” an organisational issue and work towards actionable solutions.

The humanitarian internships are part of a new Humanitarian Institute initiative to support, advance and inform aspiring global Aid Workers through practical exposure to the work of a humanitarian organisation.

Humanitarian CEO, Cory Steinhauer says: “The internship program is action-focused and delivers a unique opportunity for talented aspiring humanitarians to work at a professional level within a humanitarian organisation.”

As part of the program, Humanitarian Institute will also deliver professional development and networking events to support those involved in the internships to ensure they are ‘job ready’.

“The internship program allows students to transfer their skills from theory to real-world application” said Steinhauer.

“We set high expectations and demands on our Interns. We want those ready for the challenge!”

The unpaid internships will be three months duration, based in Sydney and / or remotely in Australia or New Zealand, with a focus on one of the following areas:

Curriculum developmentFinance and operationsMarketingDesignCommunicationsSocial mediaAlumni supportIndustry partnerships

Humanitarian Institute is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from passionate and qualified internship candidates.

Please email a Cover Letter (outlining your unique skillsets against one of the above focus areas) and a Resume to info@humanitarianinstitute.com

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