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Humanitarian Career Exploration: Sydney

Friday, Apr 28, 2017
by Humanitarian Institute

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FREE workshop that opens your mind, and busts some myths, about building a successful international aid career.

The shadow of poverty continues to cast a pall over entire nations. Forced migration and asylum seeker rates are getting worse, not better. One in nine people are still chronically undernourished. These are the biggest issues of our time.So why are the best minds of our generation working on optimising click-throughs? Take your first step towards becoming an International Aid Worker, building a social enterprise, creating a movement, or joining the domestic community sector. Our exploration session gives you a taste of life as an Aid Worker (at no cost!) in an engaging and friendly environment.  Learn about careers you can have in the global humanitarian and development aid industry in only one hour. Imagine what you could accomplish in a longer Humanitarian Institute course...or in a lifetime! 

For more information contact:[email protected](02) 8313 7128

We are hosted by the Coder Factory Academy (AIT) at: Level 2, 7 Kelly Street, Ultimo, Sydney (near Central Station / Broadway) Come meet the Humanitarian Institute team and accelerate your humanitarian career trajectory.

Spots are limited!

Register your interest...on Facebook or through Eventbrite ticketing.

Who it's for?

Career Changers: Want to transition to a career you'll love? Do you have big dreams for the future? Are you keen to innovate? A humanitarian career provides you the opportunity to change the world. Life as an Aid Worker promises job diversity, rewarding opportunities, and a purpose beyond the 9-5 grind.

School Leavers: Interested in Humanitarianism? Don't want to commit to a four year degree? Our foundation certificate provides engaging hands-on learning, networking opportunities with industry influencers, and is a stepping stone into the workforce as an Aid Worker.

Change Agents: Want to take your social change career to the next level? Learn the necessary skills to create sustainable change and explore career pathways across the humanitarian, international development and stabilisation sectors both internationally and domestically.

When building a successful humanitarian career… opportunities don’t happen, you create them. 

Make Your Time Count.

Why are our world’s biggest challenges getting worse? What if… Talent was mobilised to work on humanity’s greatest threats? People mastered the skills required to create sustainable change? You could direct your passion and skills toward positive global development? What if… We gave you the skills to meet your humanitarian potential? We raised your hidden talents and untapped knowledge?

We were deliberate about preparing you for the rigours of development work? We facilitated your journey into a humanitarian career? What if…You became a 21st century humanitarian?


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