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Human Surge Partnership Announcement

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
by Humanitarian Institute

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Humanitarian Institute and Human Surge announce partnership to provide Certificate in Humanitarian Foundations graduates surge roster verification.

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SYDNEY, Australia and MADRID, Spain – May 2017 – Humanitarian Institute, a leading provider of training courses for aspiring humanitarians in Asia and Oceania, and Human Surge today announced that the Human Surge roster is verifying Humanitarian Institute's Certificate in Humanitarian Foundations graduates.

The partnership between Human Surge and Humanitarian Institute is a natural synergy between two organizations that believe the world needs to mobilize talented people to work on the planet’s greatest threats.

As a result of this partnership, and in order to facilitate Aid Workers to be quickly identified by INGO's, Humanitarian Institute graduates can now verify their Certificate qualification on their Human Surge profiles.

"It's my pleasure to announce that Humanitarian Institute’s graduates can now verify their qualification on one of the world's most innovative and well-known surge rosters. Known for their will and commitment to unite and empower humanitarians, this partnership is an important step in the continuing effort to further professionalise the humanitarian sector," said Cory Steinhauer, Founder of Humanitarian Institute. 

Humanitarian Institute encourages all of its graduates to register and create a Human Surge roster profile.

For more information please contact:

Cory Steinhauer, Founder, Humanitarian Institute Pty Ltd. [email protected] 

Loek Peeters, Founder, Human Surge.

[email protected]

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