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Scholarships & Prizes Policy

Humanitarian Institute awards scholarships and prizes as a way of increasing access to enrolment to persons who would benefit from, and contribute to global humanitarianism.

The Scholarships and Prizes Policy applies to all staff, students, and scholarship applicants of Humanitarian Institute and outlines the establishment and management of scholarships and prizes at Humanitarian Institute.

This Scholarships and Prizes Policy has been designed to provide clear principles and a transparent framework for the establishment and management of scholarships and prizes at Humanitarian Institute.

Policy Principles

The scholarship must be awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis;

  • No grants may be awarded to an officer, manager or director of Humanitarian Institute;
  • Family members of these individuals are also not eligible to receive scholarship and prizes;
  • The group of applicants from which the recipients are selected must be sufficiently broad;
  • Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of a range of criteria, which take into account the merit and need of eligible students;
  • Scholarships will cover a proportion of tuition fees subject to periodic review;
  • Students awarded scholarships will also be bound by the same terms and conditions as all students enrolled at Humanitarian Institute.

Eligibility Criteria

Are the standards and benchmarks that all candidates must fulfil in order to be considered for a scholarship and / or prize. The eligibility criteria must be defined in the conditions of the scholarship and / or prize.

Eligibility criteria must be broad enough to result in sufficient numbers of people being eligible and to attract sufficient applicants.

Selection Criteria

Are the standards and benchmarks that Humanitarian Institute use to rank applicants and select recipients. The selection criteria must be defined in the conditions of scholarship and / or prize and are the only criteria to be used in the process of ranking and selecting recipients.​

Types of Humanitarian Institute Scholarships and Prizes

A scholarship is an award to support students, financially, on the basis of specified criteria and conditions, for a minimum of one Humanitarian Institute course. Each new scholarship must specify the number of recipients.

Normally, students should be awarded no more than one scholarship at any given time. Exceptions to this rule should be articulated in the scholarship conditions.

Humanitarian Institute has different scholarship and prize types, as outlined below:

  • Fee exemption scholarships take the form of student fee waiver by Humanitarian Institute;
  • Equity scholarships are awards to assist students with a demonstrated financial need and / or other condition of disadvantage. Humanitarian Institute is committed to providing access to education for people who are experiencing financial and personal hardship or a long term medical condition. Areas of hardship can include:
  • Financial hardship; Regional or remote home location; Disability and/or long term medical condition; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background;Recent refugee; Other demonstrable hardship.
  • ​Industry scholarships are fee waivers provided by private or public industry for study and may require a component of industry placement or internship;
  • Merit scholarships are awards made on the basis of academic merit only and may be awarded at any point during a course of study;
  • Donor-funded prizes can be donated by non-commercial or commercial entities;
  • Externally sponsored prizes are funded by commercial entities and professional organisations;
  • In-kind prizes (such as books, vouchers, computers, etc.).

Policy Statements

The following policy statements articulate the stages of scholarship and prize development management at Humanitarian Institute.

Making and Receiving an Offer of Scholarship

  • Recipients of all Humanitarian Institute scholarships must be notified of their offer in writing from Humanitarian Institute. This email and / or letter should include the details and conditions of award;
  • Scholarship offerees must accept their scholarship online or by signing a written agreement to all conditions of their award as specified in the scholarship offer.

Termination of a Scholarship

Before the scholarship duration is complete, a recipient's scholarship may only be terminated under the following circumstances:

  • The recipient requests termination of the scholarship in writing;
  • The recipient breaches any of the written conditions of award;
  • If Humanitarian Institute determines that the student is guilty of misconduct and it is not appropriate for the recipient to continue to hold the scholarship;
  • If a recipient is found to have breached the conditions of award, the recipient must be notified of the award termination in writing.

Disestablishing Scholarship and / or Prizes

Where a scholarship or prize will not continue to be offered, the award may be disestablished at any point at the discretion of Humanitarian Institute.

Conflicts of Interest

Staff who believe at any time that a conflict of interest has arisen in relation to an award must bring this to the attention of their immediate supervisor.

This policy was last modified on December 2016.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this scholarship policy you may contact us using the information below:
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