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Providing powerful data driven analysis and information in the world’s most challenging environments.

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What we do

Humanitarian Institute helps people and organisations deliver social impact, achieve sustainable results and advance development practice.

Simply, we help others do good work.

Planning. Monitoring. Evaluation

Our services and tools strengthen the performance of aid and development organisations.

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Education. Training. Coaching

Identify and bridge the skills mismatch to accelerate organisational performance. Our programs help build your capacity regardless of what stage your organisation is at.

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Analysis. Reporting. Research

We provide professional services to Government, international and national NGOs, UN agencies, academic institutions and private sector organisations.

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Clients. Partners

From market research in Jordan for the development of study to work pathways, to democratic data mapping in Australia, we have completed projects for governments, development agencies, and private sector clients. 

We work with you to advance development effectiveness.

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Our knowledge base of research that demonstrates our understanding of complex challenges faced by individuals and organisations around the world.

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